Monday, August 10, 2009

Segment 1

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Rosie and Roscoe were pretty lucky pigs.

They were born in a place called the Hearts on Noses Mini Pig Sanctuary, not far from the town of Maple Ridge in British Columbia. Janice Gillett, who runs the sanctuary, is crazy about her pigs - all 40 of them.

From dawn 'til dusk she fetches water, builds pens, spreads comfy straw for her pigs to lie on, hauls buckets and buckets of food, clips hooves, and a thousand other things that need doing for her herd. But most importantly, she talks to her pigs, addressing each by his or her proper name, and treating them all with the respect they deserve.

Wanna see how much Janice likes her pigs? Check out this YouTube.

See what I mean!

But no matter how lucky we are, the grass always looks a little bit greener and smells a little sweeter on the other side. So Rosie and Roscoe would often sit with their noses pressed up to the sanctuary fence wondering, "What's it like out there?" and thinking "It must be more interesting than it is in here."

Their mom, who knew a thing or two, told her piglets never, ever to set hoof outside the sanctuary. But you know what piglets think when they're told not to do something. Don't you?

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